Miss Kayla
Miss Kayla

Support Staff

Lenny Letcher

Co-Founder Board Member

Lenny Letcher, EA, RFCCo-Founder / Board Member As one of the two co-founders of Sage Academy Charter School, Mr. Letcher has served as the Chairman of the Board and the Executive Administrator. Sage Academy was granted its Charter Contract in December of 2006 by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools. Mr. Letcher, is a…

Ms. Ehret

Art and Music Teacher

Mr. Mulryan

Special Education

Mrs. Wilsey

Junior High

Mrs. Breeser

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Gee

Fifth Grade

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Mrs. Martell

Fourth Grade

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Mrs. Nilo-Thomas

Third Grade

Mrs. Avery
Mrs. Avery

Second Grade